HIPAA requires covered entities to provide for the privacy and security of patient information. Employers must ensure that their employees understand the federal rule, any state law that applies and how the rules translate to them as employees of the practice.

A complete HIPAA Compliance Program includes:


  • Enterprise-Wide HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

  • Policies and Procedures – Documented and Enforceable

  • Training

  • Safeguards - Administrative, Technical and Physical

  • Business Associate Program

  • Privacy and Security Officer

CentraVance Develops Customized

HIPAA Compliance Programs

Our expert guidance and tools help develop compliance programs that include:


  • Comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

  • Customized Policy that is developed specifically for, and is unique to the practice, updated annually

  • Forms and Contracts

  • Annual Compliance Training

  • New Employee Compliance Training

  • Project Management Services available for Implementation


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