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Tips to Make Telework Work

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Elizabeth Phillips

We want to let you know that we at CentraVance Consulting are here via email, phone, and/or video conferencing.  We are doing our part to flatten the curve, including social distancing.  However, we are still here for you. Many clients are voicing concerns regarding COVID-19, HIPAA, telemedicine and telework.  We can answer many of your questions.  

We can be reached in the following ways:



  • (804) 977-1201 (phone or text)

  • Q&As where you can ask your burning questions

  • Scheduled one-on-one video conference calls where we can talk more in depth

  • Additionally, we are working in conjunction with our marketing team to provide free resources which you can use during this pandemic.

This will be a marathon, and we are in it with you for the long haul. Please reach out with any questions and we will be in touch soon. 

To that end, we thought we would address common client concerns.


Checklist for Teleworking: For Employer and Employee

Definition of Telework –
Working from home where possible – work within the company, but from home or remote locations.



  • Asset identification and control, analyzing threats to security, analyzing vulnerabilities, applying counter measures

  • Employers providing computers that are set up with the minimum-security requirements we use every day to ensure the security of you patient and client information.

  • Each computer has the appropriate antivirus and firewalls installed

  • Each computer has the VPN that is required to connect to company assets and resources






1. Lock unattended computers

2. DO NOT allow your family members or friends to use any asset owned by company under any circumstance

3. Where possible, work in an area that is separate from the rest of the household to manage privacy of patient information

4. Use your credentials, and only your credentials to log in/access company assets/resources

5. Do not share these credentials with anyone or write them down where others may be able to find them

6. No personal business is to be conducted on company owned devices, or devices that are being used to conduct company business functions

  • Don’t check personal email accounts

  • Don’t check social media accounts

  • Don’t check any banking or other accounts.

  • No online games or searching the web


7. If checking work email:

  • Do not click on links

  • Do not download attachments

  • If you receive ANY emails with attachments or downloads contact your supervisor directly through a known method of contact--not by responding to the email that contains the download or attachment

8. Remove any recording devices from areas in which you are doing company related work, Such as Alexa, Siri, Google, etc.

9. Do not allow family members to take pictures of you working and post to social media, especially where patient information may be captured in the photo

10. If you suspect that any type of security issue has/is occurring, contact your supervisor immediately.

11. If you lose, misplace, or have your company owned asset stolen, contact your supervisor immediately.


Because Governor Northam has mandated the wearing of face coverings while in public settings, we here at CentraVance expect all employees to follow the law. At a later date, if this mandate is repealed, we still encourage employees to utilize face coverings in all instances of coming to work or client meetings.

When Virginia enters Phase II of re-openings, CentraVance will continue to keep its employees and clients’ health and safety a top priority. We will continue to monitor the Governor’s decisions and follow the Commonwealth’s recommendations while attempting to create a new normal that is safe and productive.

As always, we intend to evolve as needed.

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