CentraVance Provides Information Security Programs


Information Security Programs

A good information security program consists of a comprehensive set of information security policies and procedures. This is the cornerstone to any security initiative in your organization. Whether you’re responsible for protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), or any other proprietary information, having a fully developed program provides you with a holistic approach for how to safeguard and protect the information for which you are responsible. Building an information security program means designing and implementing security practices to protect critical business processes and IT assets. These security practices that make up this program are meant to mature over time. The process of building a thorough program also helps to define policies and procedures for assessing risk, monitoring threats, and mitigating attacks.   

The Information Security Program Contains the Following:

1. Information Security Policy

2. Risk Assessment

3. Forms and Contracts related to ISC

4. Information Security Training


Why CentraVance?

Your business needs to comply with government and industry regulations but may lack the time, resources, and expertise to effectively manage compliance and adequately protects its reputation. As your brand protection partner, CentraVance manages regulatory compliance from start-to-finish. We offer full compliance packages to both covered entities and business associates.