CentraVance Offers Infection Control Programs


Infection Control Programs

The primary purpose of any Infection Control Program is to provide not just policy, but procedures and training in any practice's efforts to control, prevent, identify and report (as required) communicable disease. COVID 19 has reminded all of us of the importance of a good Infection Control Program that takes into account not just what we already know, but also what we are learning, and what we can make reasonable assumptions about for the future.  Keeping your employees and your patients safe can no longer be accomplished through just policy.

Our Infection Control/Pandemic Program Includes:

1. Training on Infection Control, Pandemics and Responses

2. Policy that is specific to your practice and your needs

3. Identification of Risk Levels

4. Identification of Control Measures

5. Emergency Procedures

6. Infectious Disease Exposure and Return to Work Protocol

7. Posters and Forms


Why CentraVance?

Your business needs to comply with government and industry regulations but may lack the time, resources, and expertise to effectively manage compliance and adequately protects its reputation. As your brand protection partner, CentraVance manages regulatory compliance from start-to-finish. We offer full compliance packages to both covered entities and business associates.