CentraVance Offers Hazard Communication Programs


Hazard Communication Program

The purpose of the Hazard Communication Standard is to reduce injuries and illnesses caused by chemicals hazards found in the workplace.  It is required that entities identify and evaluate all chemicals used in their facility, to set policy and uniform requirements for communicating such hazards to employees, to develop an up-to-date repository for the chemical inventory where safety data sheets (SDS) are maintained, and to ensure employees have access to that repository and are made of aware as new chemicals are added.  Employers are required to train their employees on these hazards as they are hired, and anytime there are changes in the chemical inventory, handling of chemicals, or the rule. 

Our Hazard Communication Program Includes:

1. Training

2. Written Hazard Communication Plan

3. Chemical Inventory

4. SDS Repository based on your Inventory

5. Secondary Labeling, as needed


Why CentraVance?

Your business needs to comply with government and industry regulations but may lack the time, resources, and expertise to effectively manage compliance and adequately protects its reputation. As your brand protection partner, CentraVance manages regulatory compliance from start-to-finish. We offer full compliance packages to both covered entities and business associates.