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A La Cart Services We Provide


Fractional Chief Compliance Officer

Does your practice have the necessary staff, expertise, and time to manage all of your compliance requirements? CentraVance offers services that allow our team to oversee your compliance program, and to work in coordination with your team to ensure that all of the tenets of the various rules and guidelines are identified, understood, and managed appropriately. Compliance is a continuous job that requires knowledge, expertise, time and dedication.



Just need some help in the short term to establish, grow and develop different areas of your compliance program? Have you had an OSHA audit and need help and guidance? Have you received a letter from OCR about HIPAA? Our team can help! Consulting hours can be purchased in blocks of time based upon your practice’s needs.



Security Risk Assessment: HIPAA

A security risk assessment is the first step in identifying and implementing safeguards that comply with and carry out the standards and implementation specifications in the Security Rule. A risk analysis is foundational. The Security Rule requires entities to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities in their environments and to implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security of integrity of e-PHI.


Network Assessment

A Network Assessment is a crucial component of any Security Risk Assessment. Network Assessments help identify crucial issues in your technical infrastructure. The Network Assessment evaluates all devices that are networked, their health, and how well your IT managed services are working. It also gives insight into employee activity on work devices that may put the practice at risk.


SDS Repository

The Hazard Communication Standard requires that entities maintain an up-to-date repository of Safety Data Sheets for every chemical that employees use or are exposed to. SDS must be maintained for 30 years past the last date of use of any given chemical. Our SDS Repository Program provides this repository in an HTML format that can be accessed without internet connectivity and can be made available to employees on all devices within the organization.


Facility Risk Assessment

Understanding how your practice measures up against current OSHA, Infection Control, CDC, and HIPAA requirements is important to ensuring the safety and well-being of not only your employees but your patients as well. A facility risk assessment helps to identity areas of risk and non-compliance. This allows the practice to then make changes that will strengthen your standing with the regulatory community and your patients.



We offer initial training for new employees, annual training for staff to help ensure you meet the tenets of the compliance rules, and trainings specific to new mandates.  Our team of experts can provide training in a face to face environment, as a live webinar from wherever you have computer access, or as a recorded training for access anytime that is convenient for you. 

We offer the following training programs:
- OSHA: Healthcare
- OSHA: General Industry
- Infection Control
- Information Security
- Hazard Communication
- Covid-19 Standards and Mitigation Strategies


Policy Creation Services

We help organizations create working policies to maintain compliance in the following arenas: 

- OSHA—Healthcare 
- OSHA—General Industry 
- Infection Control 
- Information Security 
- Hazard Communication 
- Covid-19


Why CentraVance?

Your business needs to comply with government and industry regulations but may lack the time, resources, and expertise to effectively manage compliance and adequately protects its reputation. As your brand protection partner, CentraVance manages regulatory compliance from start-to-finish. We offer full compliance packages to both covered entities and business associates.